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Place your company text on this page. Its main task is to interest the visitor and inspire confidence in you. When filling this page, follow a few rules:

  • Show that you understand the client.
    For example, tell us why you decided to do this business, what is your goal and credo. Describe what benefits the client will receive if they contact you. Analyze the questions that most often concern customers (not about a specific product, but about the company).
  • Prove your competence.
    Tell us what reputable companies you have worked with and what successes you have achieved. Show diplomas, certificates and awards, if any.
  • Show that you are real and open to communication.
    Submit your photo or employees. Show how the company looks from the inside or in the process of order fulfillment.
  • Do not try to assert yourself at someone else's expense.
    It is necessary to describe the advantages of the company, but in no case do you emphasize the disadvantages of competitors.

Remember: not only information is important, but also its presentation. To style the text beautifully, use the capabilities of the text editor in the admin panel. With its help you can:

Make headings and subheadings

Make text bold, italic, or strikethrough.

Add an image or video

image on site example

Checkout a numbered or bulleted list

  • First point;
  • Second point;
  • Third point.

Make links to important sections and categories, such as Portfolio.

Read more about the design in the article "How to write a text about the company"

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